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I got a 56 as my time, lets get a speedrun category on this

Good idea :)

I can't seem to exit fullscreen of the game once I go fullscreen. is that a bug?


I didn't implement an exit button. Just Alt+F4 instead. :)

Awesome work, lad. I seem to have an issue with the downloaded version. When ever i'm bumping inbetween a block and a block with a spike on it, the quicker I move inbetween, makes my character "clip jump" into the spike, killing me. Is this a bug of the speed or something else. Thanks lad.

That's a thing that happens when the game isn't running perfectly smooth. I have fixed that by adding a minimum frame rate, but I think I forgot to export that version to Executable.

Maybe try the HTML5 Version, that should work better. :)

I want more!!!


Never thought Iā€™d see the day but I actually completed a platform set without get super annoyed! šŸ˜… thought it was a bit easy and then came the hard mode for the challenge, great game well done! šŸ˜ƒ

GG Hard Mode!

great game

love the music! really nice game

This is so intense it breaks my brain XD

Showd off some of it in my video at 11:33:

can u play mine :)

It was really fun, I liked the simplicity of the game, even with just one button it still had a challenged to it.

NICE GAME ... Please DM on twitter :