Wallclip is a difficult fast-paced single-button platforming game where you have to reach the end of a long level which opens-up with time. 





To make this easier, you are able to  smash through certain walls by building up enough speed to clip through them, while being careful not to accidently fall into bottomless pits or touch lava. Dying doesn't reset the level giving you more space to accelerate.

Your movement speed increases automatically, but hitting a wall or jumping gives you a small speedboost.

I got my inspiration from the speedrunning scenes of games like Super Mario 64 where  buiding up speed to glitch through walls are often used to skip large parts of a game.

The movement mechanics were directly inspired by the Blue Shell Item from the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros.

‎‎‎This game is also compatible and optimized for mobile devices!

This game was made in a timespan of 48 hours in Construct 2 for the Wowie Game Jam. All Assets and Code was made by me during the jam.

Feedback and Encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


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Absolutely amazing!

And also I finished it

And then I tried hard mode and made it to that level which had three stories worth of coins.

Nice! Thank you very much! :D

Welp, it DID took some time, but i have collected every single coin in the game even if it doesnt do anything :D

Can you please also use space to jump? up feels unnatural for me

(1 edit)

So today I felt like playing once again and well, I glitched the game

A combination of switching between normal and hard more and pausing and unpausing repeatedly teleported me to the last checkpoint, sadly I don't remember the details ^^

Yeah, definitely not a bug-free game. :P

Thanks for letting me know!


Very, very fun.


I got a 56 as my time, lets get a speedrun category on this

Good idea :)

I can't seem to exit fullscreen of the game once I go fullscreen. is that a bug?


I didn't implement an exit button. Just Alt+F4 instead. :)

Awesome work, lad. I seem to have an issue with the downloaded version. When ever i'm bumping inbetween a block and a block with a spike on it, the quicker I move inbetween, makes my character "clip jump" into the spike, killing me. Is this a bug of the speed or something else. Thanks lad.

That's a thing that happens when the game isn't running perfectly smooth. I have fixed that by adding a minimum frame rate, but I think I forgot to export that version to Executable.

Maybe try the HTML5 Version, that should work better. :)

I want more!!!


Never thought I’d see the day but I actually completed a platform set without get super annoyed! 😅 thought it was a bit easy and then came the hard mode for the challenge, great game well done! 😃

GG Hard Mode!

great game

love the music! really nice game

This is so intense it breaks my brain XD

Showd off some of it in my video at 11:33:

can u play mine :)


It was really fun, I liked the simplicity of the game, even with just one button it still had a challenged to it.

NICE GAME ... Please DM on twitter : https://twitter.com/Unity_Ninja