Smarter than Death is a short platforming-game for the Be Smart, Don't Start competition in germany about the physical and psychological issues that come with the smoking of tabacco.

You play as a little ball called "Dulki" who has to go to the doctor for a check-up. Unfortunately the only way to get there is to walk through a schoolyard and a local disco, which have a reputation of not being the safest places to be...

You are tasked with completing 3 levels while avoiding cigarettes and spikes. Side effects of smoking may include a slower movement speed, withdrawal syndroms, so it's up to you if you want to use the short-term benefits to your advantage or to suffer from the long-term consequences of a nicotine addiction.

This game was programmed by myself in a span of 2 months. A friend (Bennet Frey) helped me with the main menu, the pause menu and playtesting.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Smarter than Death ist ein kurzes Platforming-Spiel fuer die Be Smart, Don't Start Aktion um die physischen und psychologischen Probleme die der Konsum von Tabak mit sich bringt.

Du spielst als Dulki, der fuer eine Untersuchung zum Arzt muss. Der einzige Weg dorthin geht jedoch nur durch den Schulhof und eine oertlichen Disko, welche dafür bekannt sind nicht die sichersten Orte zu sein...

Du musst 3 verschiedene Level schaffen und Zigaretten sowie Stacheln vermeiden. Nebenwirkungen des Rauchens sind eine langsamere Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit und Entzugserscheinungen, es ist also deine Entscheidung ob du die kurzzeitigen Vorteilen verwendest oder mit den langfristigen Nachteilen einer Nikotinabhaengigkeit lebst.

Dieses Spiel wurde in einem Bereich von 2 Monaten von mir programmiert. Mein Freund Bennet war für das Haupt- bzw. Pausemenue und Playtestung zuständig.

Feedback wuerden wir sehr wertschaetzen.


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hard mode idea, pulki is already addicted and is trying to quit smoking and recover from his addiction.

smoked the first 6 ciggies and then at only 1 hp left quit cold turkey and had no deaths for the rest of the game.

smoked as many ciggies as i could while still reaching the end and tried my best to avoid most of the coins, still got the rating of healthy.


remember kids, dulki may have 5 lives, but you only have 1!


Haha, I should've probably left out the lives, not only from a gameplay perspective. xD

so is the broccoli laced with cocaine?


your liver must be outside of the screen and screaming in pain then lol

man broccoli is one hell of a powerful drug

Is it possible to skip the third level? Every time I play get let less than 2 in the first two levels, I skip the third level to the win screen. Is this intentional?

No, I'm honestly not sure why this happens.