Macrowave is a challenging top down beat 'em up/shooter in which you have to fend off increasingly difficult waves of unique enemies and hazards, while protecting a living, dumb and fragile macaroni from any and all danger. This creature is extremely incompetent and will jump into danger for no reason. The only way you can control this behaviour is by picking it up to carry it around ,place it somewhere else or even throw it.

Since you only have one pair of hands, you can not effectively damage your foes while carrying the noodle, so you are forced to quickly switch between punching enemies, putting the noodle as far away from enemies as possible and even using weapons. You will encounter many aliens. Some will try to eat the macaroni, some will try to slice it in half, some will try to shoot missles from a far and some will even try to shoot it.

Taking damage in this game can't kill you, you will just be stunned for a certain time while having to watch these deadly red creatures inch closer to your beloved piece of pastry. There are five waves in total. Though this is already challenging enough, theres also an endless mode for those looking for a bigger threat.

Weapons like knifes and guns can give you a big advantage aswell, but since you can't look after mac, who is jumping all over the place, they are very risky to use aswell. You can throw knifes and guns, and while you're at it, throw them at enemies to kill them instantly

Any and all feedback, criticism and encouragement would be greatly appreciated

NOTE: I have never eaten mac and cheese and this wasn't a mac and cheese themed beat and up from the start


Windows x64 55 MB
macOS x64 57 MB
Linux x64 49 MB


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This needs first place, awesome juice, sound effects, great idea and graphics, music is a bit repetitve tho, I got to wave 5 but can't get past :/

Overall, epic game, love it <3  

Thanks! :)

Just... Wow! Made a great game, good job! :)

Thanks! :)

Such a good game! I love your polish! All your games are GOLD.

Thanks! I hope it stays that way. ;)

This game was amazing. I loved the whole thing. Its VERY satisfying. would you are to try out my game?

Alright. :)