Laser Pointer is a short score-based platformer about keeping up with a spinning laser in the center of the level. You are forced to run around the level and collect life orbs to stay alive and with the increasing speed of the laser, comes an increase in challenge before the player has to hide behind cover to survive any longer.

You gain points constantly, but picking up life orbs can not only refill your stamina, but give you a score boost aswell, even if theres an additional risk involved with going off of the optimal path to get them.

If you'd like to see the creation of this game, I've uploaded a timelapse of it's making from beginning to end:

This game was made in exactly 3 hours for the 71st Trijam.

Feedback and Encouragement are greatly appreciated! Have fun!


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Oh my god, great job!

I didn't think the limit would be this high. :D

This game is super epic, sound effects on point, squishy character, and juice is perfect

Tho I may have found a rabbit hole, I just camp at one place and wait for the life orbs to respawn.

I got 214 for highscore, could have scored higher but camping gets boring after a while.

Other than that epic game, love it!

Thanks! I probably shouldn't've placed the life Orbs that close to the safe spot. :)

This game is super satisfying!  The animations and audio are great!  Ended up playing till I got a score of 334; nice work!

Thanks! :)

I didn't even know you could get anything above 250. :O