Inverse Split is a very short two button platformer in which you have to switch between parts of the screen representing day and night to collect all coins in a level. The longer you are in dark areas of the levels, the more tired you become before dying when your energy meter reaches zero.

You are only able to walk from side to side, but you can use arrows around the level to switch gravity in order to maneuver through the three black & white levels.

I added touchscreen support aswell, since the simplicity of the game makes it intuitive to move around by touching the sides of the screen.


This game, it's music and graphics were entirely made in 3 hours for Trijam 67, even though I took a short break after an hour. The trickiest part was definitely designing levels with the way the gameplay is set up.

As always, feedback and critisism would be greatly appreciated. :)


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love the effects

I made a video covering Inverse Split!

Really nice little game for something done in three hours !

Super polished! Especially for 3 hours, good job!!

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wow. nice art style, overall feel, and it's playable on mobile. the last level actually was a little brain teaser. 😁

Thanks! :)

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