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This Game Made My Childhood

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how do i drop weapons

(edit: i just figured out)

btw this should get game of the year

10000000000 points from me


Never in my life have i thought that i would beat this game on my school chromebook

10/10 :3



Could you drop the full ost somewhere pls? ;-;

It's available as a paid download at the bottom of the page

OHHHH i didnt notice my bad


this is single handedly... THE BEST GAME I HAVE EVER PLAYED IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! the characters are beautifully animated, the gameplay is fun and random every time, good work, Prox 

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the 4th world is super unfun as its unclear what everything does, just now i was faced with a room where the enemies were constantly respawning and nothing i was doing was openning the doors, other than that its a fun game

Better than gungeon in my opinion. Why might I say this? because I'm not good enough for gungeon and enjoy references from this more than the gungeon's references.

Also better weapons and ammo system


the game literally crashed

Fire game

Very fun, also haven't found fourth boss, but the bosses keep getting easier in my perspective as you progress.

great game!

This is the best Top-Down Rougelite I've played in the past month!

Haha, thanks xD


@prox i need someone to make me a 2d game for a music project release. want to talk? i like you stuff. 

Feel free to DM me :)

maybe I’m too stoopid but how do you do that?


i've seen a problem that i would tell you in private cuz i wont make stealers know about it

If you insist :P

Feel free to send me an email;

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Yo will see me as marcell kámán

I forgot to tell yo who am i

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please give a little description of all the modifiers on weapons (for eg. I still have no idea what "painful" or "cursed" are supposed to mean)


Melle hits the opposite direction

Ranged shoots from wall towards you

I think painful makes red squares on enemy deaths

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You should fix that yellowgreen mode cuz i cant see red bad guys if they arent very near 

Mone indicator is very annoying when a bad guy is in the corner of the game

And can you add controller controls

Controller support was considered, but it wouldn't work well with a lot of the game's mechanics

greenyellow theme--> blissful bee

i've finnaly beat this game

unfortunatelly i crashlanded again

title arrows are gold

and i got some laundry thingi

Ayy, nice job! That's no easy task! :)

i have finally beaten that weird eyeball protogent guy


can you add controller control?

tradition is a not very hard achievement.

the text for the number challenge is actually impossible to read. game unplayable.

That's a bug, try the downloadable build instead. :)

disable pixel filter worked for me

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i reached here

it was imposible to see anything

mini anstros still went to damage that eye


bought revive and then insta die

I have 3 duck and rat.

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shopkeeper came back bruh

and i have only a stick

what am i supposed to doooooooooo bruh(i think it's to die cuz i already did it)

They hold a grudge against you if you've robbed a store before. :D

at least it could give me a ranged weapon to fair play

i had a stick

nothing better


but it was fast stick

you could run in circle around him

i couldnt escape from there and it's hard to make it die with a stick

btw ducks and mini shopkeepers are the best items

i got a mini shop keeper from aother mini shop keeper and by the 3rd lvl of the game i had 50 + perks lol it froze after 100

hey theres a glitch where when the first boss splits into 2 little guys the spawn in the wall can you make it to were the take damage ouside of the boss ring ???

Hey, thanks for letting me know! I'll patch that in the next update. :)

Challenging and fun! Well done!

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lol i found an apple

how did you make the music what did yo use

and why does el pato potion spawns me a second duck

I used Famitracker for the soundtrack and the el pato potion spawns a duck. :)

thanks for telling me what do you use. i'll try making game music but i didnt get any good editor yet

el pato made me a duck lover

your duckies are very fun

are you able to make the game avaiable for linux or game engine cant do that?

If you scroll down there should be a downloadable Linux version, but I haven't tested it yet

i tried to run but no work(UBUNTU 22.04)

once i started the game i got piano tunes on hovering on buttons


Just a little detail :)

They are in key with the music

make a discord

noice game


respect! good game and i still cant belive construct 2 was used!

very cool very cool

i like the game it's fun 


BAHA I thought the "die" option on the terminal item said "dio". oops, goodbye run

Do all the costumes have different effects, or is it just for cosmetics? I can't tell.

They are purely cosmetic :)

Aw, I thought they'd be, like - the equivalent of choosing characters. In any case, the game's really cool!

Thanks! ^^

There were supposed to be modifiers for each cosmetic option but I scrapped that because it was way too ambitious. Haha

E. g. the broken skin combination would let you play a hard mode of sorts where you'd only have one hp bar and one item slot 

I suppose if you ever feel like it, that could be material for a future update, eh? that said the game seems pretty finished as is so it'd more just be a matter of whether you'd rather mostly leave it as a finished product or have a lil extra fun with it. considering you spent 2 years on it you've already done far more than enough

It's tempting for sure but you put it pretty well, I'm pretty much done with this xD

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There's a nasty bug in the second world where spike tiles can be rendered as ice tiles. I think this counted for a few inexplicable deaths in that world, including the opening room! The screenshot below hopefully illustrates an ice tile appearing in a layout where there's supposed to be a spike tile. Certainly, if you step on that ice you take damage.

Thanks for letting me know! That will definitely be fixed soon! :)

Love using sustenance to shrink poudrin.

That's creative :O


It only took 127 attempts and some liberal bonesawing, but I finally beat the last boss. It's a really fantastic game :)

If it's helpful, there's a few minor gripes I experienced but please set this against the massive amount of enjoyment already in the game:

* In the first world and third world particularly, it's annoying when you walk into a room and immediately take damage from a ball-and-chain or pop-out spike, especially if you're quickly back-tracking through rooms you've already cleared. I wonder if you could do some code-magic in certain circumstances so that it's impossible to enter a room and hit one. I guess I should've been more careful though, so it's not exactly unfair :)

* If it doesn't affect balance too much, could the game lean into the player's playstyle a little more? If I'm primarily using a melee weapon, it's a bit of a bummer to continually get ammo boxes out of crates. It's not that they should never appear, just that the weighting could be dialled up and down depending on whether they're going to be used.

* Shops with one to two items in them are a bummer, especially early on.

* Sometimes the bolt-sink (the postery thing that says 'Done T' in shops?) doesn't give you anything, even if you fill it to completion. I think this happens on later floors when you've already got some items from one on an earlier floor.

* I wish the Duck buff triggered immediately on entering the boss room. There have been a few times where I've died before getting any health back.

* If you attempt to pick up an item that overlaps the Sell box in a shop, it gets sold instead — I think. It's only happened once but it stopped me duplicating all my passives :(

* The jump pads in the third world feel hard to use consistently. I seem to often take damage from adjacent lava, and doing diagonal jumps in enclosed spaces is also tricky.

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Aww! Thank you so much! Not a ton of people stick around for that long but I'm happy you're one of the few to make it to the end! :)

A lot of very insightful feedback here! I'll be releasing a new update soon that should adress most of the things you mentioned. Should be out by Saturday.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, the Donet thing is a donation machine. Whether you get something or not is pure RNG, but filling it up multiple times will grant you a special chest in the forth level.

Really enjoying this so far, but does the currency pop-up in the bottom left corner have to pop-up on to the screen? It's super annoying not being able to see the corner of the room, especially if there are wall spikes or something like that get obscured by the giant info box. Perhaps I've not got far enough into the game for that UI real-estate to earn its keep, but couldn't your currency be tracked somewhere else that doesn't require it to intrude into the playing area?

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I've thought about that too. You can expect an update that will improve on that soon by forcing you to click the pop-up to see how many bolts you have. :)


I was on the struggle bus for most of this but beat the first level at the end!

 will an android version be released?

Sorry, it would lag like hell and controls would be awkward. :/

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cant start on ubuntu(okay i have played earlier on windows but now im on ubuntu and i wont restart my pc to windows)         and what does procedurally generated weapons mean

Yeah, linux support is definitely a bit iffy. :/
You can always try the web build though:

The weapons are randomized in name, looks, stats, type, modifiers, sound, ammo and other aspects. The randomizer tries it's best to adjust these parameters to make weapons that are balanced and fun to use. :)


i think you should put this link somewhere where it will always be there cuz i cant start the game for itch page

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