Dynacore is a top-down roguelike shooter. Make your way through 4 hazard- and enemy-filled levels to find a way off the wreched planet you've been stranded on. Every death sends you back to the beginning so you'll have to use the Weapons, Trinkets and Traps you find on your way as well as your prior experiences in the depths to your advantage to make it out alive!


● Fixed bug where the Haunted Blade Item wouldn't move charged sword's swing effects with the weapon
● Fixed bug where the Level 4 Special Room chest items would be paid
● Fixed bug where normal bolts would still spawn after using Flipside


● Reworked Money Indicator, you now need to click on it to view it, it still pops up when hovering over shop items
● Fixed bug where moneysubtracttext wouldn't disappear (again)
● Fixed bug where Shopkeeper wouldn't react to getting attacked
● Added cooldown timer to Level 3 Spikes to prevent unfair damage
● Ammoboxes can't spawn if the player hasn't picked up a gun yet
● Duck Love now works faster at the beginning of a boss fight
● Fixed issue where picking up an item while standing in front of a selling machine would sell it instantly
● Fixed Tesla Coil Lava Soft Lock
● Fixed bug where Icicles would spawn under ice patches
● Fixed bug whether the cursor would get stuck as an hourglass


● There is now a very high likelyhood for a chest room to spawn right next to the Level 1 spawn room and contain a weapon
● Melee Attacks now move along with the player to make melee combat more consistent
● Fixed bug where melee attacks wouldn't register correctly
● Fixed bug where arrow trap wouldn't shoot straight


● Added sound effects for various actions
● Fixed bug where passive items that have already been collected and passive items on the ground interacted weirdly with each other
● Fixed bug where beating the game twice in one sitting would mess with the credits screen camera
● Nerfed item "Lucid Dream" by only making it reveal the map at the beginning of a level
● Fixed oversight where the player could leave boss rooms after using an invisibility potion
● Fixed some hazard overlap during dungeon generation
● Added functionality to some gun affixes
● Fixed bug where bosses would spawn money


● Fixed bug where player could leave Boss 2 room before completion


● Very significant bug fixes, please update


● Fixed bug where the player could leave rooms they haven't completed yet
● Punch melee hitbox is now larger
● Made vase mimics less common


● Added an option to remove flash effects in the settings
● Fixed bug where the player could move while frozen
● FIxed bug where secret shop items would become free after robbing the main level store
● Fixed bug where switching to a sword with the "spinny" modifier after swinging a regular sword would cause animation issues
● Fixed bug where items couldn't be picked up in some situations


● Added a control remapping menu
● Wall Spike Traps in Level 1 are now much slower
● The player's hitbox is now a lot smaller


● Slightly increased player movement speed and acceleration/deceleration to improve responsiveness
● Fixed a bug where the guitar with the "Nuclear" affix would shoot nuclear explosive mega rockets of death
● Level 4 Wall Turrets can not longer spawn in corridors
● Made doors flash before room is beat
● Adjusted room icons for visibility
● Fixed bug where Poudrin's segments would get stuck in walls
● Improved some Level 1 Room layouts to be more fair
● Greatly improved passive item spawn chance
● Made attack speed for all weapons framerate independent
● Fixed a bug where price tags in secret shops would not display the item's price correctly
● Fixed bug where Level 2 Ice Cannons were not able to freeze enemies
● Improved Ammobox animations
● Performance optimizations


● Imprved the standalone release with better scaling and new icons
● Made Vase Mimics more apparent


● Item Info rework; the item info prompt shouldn't get in the way anymore
● Fixed some broken effects with the "Wormhole Pass" passive item
● Made The Ruins easier by decreasing enemy HP and trap frequency
● Slightly decreased the difficulty of Endothermia to adjust the difficulty curve accordingly
● Levels now scale with each stage, getting bigger as you make your way through a run
● Replaced chargebox sprite with something that represents it's function better
● Poking Spikes can no longer spawn in the Level 1 Boss Room
● Fixed softlock with the teleportation potion
● Fixed bug that would sometimes crash the game after entering the "Retro Modes" menu
● Changed the "Meiosis" achievement to be less RNG-heavy
● Fixed some achievement related bugs
● Fixed a bug where bolts would get stuck inside of walls


● Fixed bug where money_subtract_text would not disappear
● Adjustments to Level 4 "Sprinkler" Hazard
● OSX and Linux builds should be working now ⠀


● Fixed bug where guns with the "wavy" modifier would always shoot to the right ⠀


● Selling machines now give out less money the more items have been sold
● Various Boss Battle related bug fixes ⠀


● Initial Release

Game by Prox276

Promotional Artwork by Mochii

Assets Used

Awkward by Void | Thaleah by Tiny Worlds | Weiholmir by JustFredrik

This game has been my personal passion project for the past two years, so I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. :)

Special Thanks to the GDB and Newgrounds Communities

Updated 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Release date 38 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Action, Adventure
Made withConstruct, FL Studio, Audacity, Aseprite
Tags2D, Exploration, Pixel Art, Retro, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Space, Top-Down
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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BAHA I thought the "die" option on the terminal item said "dio". oops, goodbye run

Do all the costumes have different effects, or is it just for cosmetics? I can't tell.

They are purely cosmetic :)

Aw, I thought they'd be, like - the equivalent of choosing characters. In any case, the game's really cool!

Thanks! ^^

There were supposed to be modifiers for each cosmetic option but I scrapped that because it was way too ambitious. Haha

E. g. the broken skin combination would let you play a hard mode of sorts where you'd only have one hp bar and one item slot 

I suppose if you ever feel like it, that could be material for a future update, eh? that said the game seems pretty finished as is so it'd more just be a matter of whether you'd rather mostly leave it as a finished product or have a lil extra fun with it. considering you spent 2 years on it you've already done far more than enough

It's tempting for sure but you put it pretty well, I'm pretty much done with this xD

(1 edit)

There's a nasty bug in the second world where spike tiles can be rendered as ice tiles. I think this counted for a few inexplicable deaths in that world, including the opening room! The screenshot below hopefully illustrates an ice tile appearing in a layout where there's supposed to be a spike tile. Certainly, if you step on that ice you take damage.

Thanks for letting me know! That will definitely be fixed soon! :)

Love using sustenance to shrink poudrin.

That's creative :O


It only took 127 attempts and some liberal bonesawing, but I finally beat the last boss. It's a really fantastic game :)

If it's helpful, there's a few minor gripes I experienced but please set this against the massive amount of enjoyment already in the game:

* In the first world and third world particularly, it's annoying when you walk into a room and immediately take damage from a ball-and-chain or pop-out spike, especially if you're quickly back-tracking through rooms you've already cleared. I wonder if you could do some code-magic in certain circumstances so that it's impossible to enter a room and hit one. I guess I should've been more careful though, so it's not exactly unfair :)

* If it doesn't affect balance too much, could the game lean into the player's playstyle a little more? If I'm primarily using a melee weapon, it's a bit of a bummer to continually get ammo boxes out of crates. It's not that they should never appear, just that the weighting could be dialled up and down depending on whether they're going to be used.

* Shops with one to two items in them are a bummer, especially early on.

* Sometimes the bolt-sink (the postery thing that says 'Done T' in shops?) doesn't give you anything, even if you fill it to completion. I think this happens on later floors when you've already got some items from one on an earlier floor.

* I wish the Duck buff triggered immediately on entering the boss room. There have been a few times where I've died before getting any health back.

* If you attempt to pick up an item that overlaps the Sell box in a shop, it gets sold instead — I think. It's only happened once but it stopped me duplicating all my passives :(

* The jump pads in the third world feel hard to use consistently. I seem to often take damage from adjacent lava, and doing diagonal jumps in enclosed spaces is also tricky.

(2 edits)

Aww! Thank you so much! Not a ton of people stick around for that long but I'm happy you're one of the few to make it to the end! :)

A lot of very insightful feedback here! I'll be releasing a new update soon that should adress most of the things you mentioned. Should be out by Saturday.

EDIT: Forgot to mention this, the Donet thing is a donation machine. Whether you get something or not is pure RNG, but filling it up multiple times will grant you a special chest in the forth level.

Really enjoying this so far, but does the currency pop-up in the bottom left corner have to pop-up on to the screen? It's super annoying not being able to see the corner of the room, especially if there are wall spikes or something like that get obscured by the giant info box. Perhaps I've not got far enough into the game for that UI real-estate to earn its keep, but couldn't your currency be tracked somewhere else that doesn't require it to intrude into the playing area?

(1 edit)

I've thought about that too. You can expect an update that will improve on that soon by forcing you to click the pop-up to see how many bolts you have. :)


I was on the struggle bus for most of this but beat the first level at the end!

 will an android version be released?

Sorry, it would lag like hell and controls would be awkward. :/

(1 edit)

cant start on ubuntu(okay i have played earlier on windows but now im on ubuntu and i wont restart my pc to windows)         and what does procedurally generated weapons mean

Yeah, linux support is definitely a bit iffy. :/
You can always try the web build though: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/854391

The weapons are randomized in name, looks, stats, type, modifiers, sound, ammo and other aspects. The randomizer tries it's best to adjust these parameters to make weapons that are balanced and fun to use. :)


Please add an android version. I don't if you're looking forward to do it already, but i would love to try the game myself after seem the retromation(YouTube channel) gameplay


Glad to hear that you're interested in trying it! :D

Sorry, but I won't be adding mobile support. Performance would be a huge issue as the game would lag like hell and a touchscreen would make it near impossible to play.

Love the game, however I can't drop items for some reason

You have to right click on an item to drop, I know I didn't make that entirely clear. :)

Beautiful game,  but I love the Binding of Isaac so I may be a bit biased. The graphics, text and items are amazing; as the others said, I would review the controls, bc it's really hard atm.

Thank you! :D

I'm really busy atm but I'll look into it as soon as possible!

maybe there should be a tutorial that mentions THE GHOST IS DANGEROUS CUZ YOU RUN INTO IT AND INSTA DIE(maybe i just had low hp but pls)


Hey, now that you died to it you know. :P

You learn from experience.



It would be nice to support ZQSD layout. It's not really playable with forced WASD.

I'll see what I can do. In the meantime I'd recommend changing your keyboard layout before and after playing. :)

I'm an ESDF player so it's an for me as well. It would be great if you could get rebinds working. Swapping keys with PowerToys is definitely an option, but a suboptimal one.

Otherwise the game is pretty dang good, especially for something that started as a student project. I think the movement still needs tweaking but it's remarkably professional, fun, and has a great sense of style.

Tysm <3

I can't promise anything just yet but I'll try my best. :)

Update's out! You can remap controls in-game now. :)

Thanks! :D


The game's good. I don't know what else to tell you. It good.


Pretty difficult game, but it’s a fun time! I just really suck at it. 

The following is all based on just the 1st level, which I didn’t even beat so keep that in mind when reading the following opinions: I like the different weapons and abilities you pick up along the way, they’re pretty neat and interesting! There is a bit of resource management when it comes to these items given how limited some of their usage can be. The enemies can be a bit tricky especially when mixing them with the brutal amount of traps in each room. A part of me feels like some of these traps are a bit… cheap? But it does feel like there are ways to prepare yourself for each one so I’m a bit on the fence about them. I definitely felt like I was getting better at the game and more knowledgeable each death though, which is a great feeling. Lastly, the options menu had some nice features as well. (Thank you for having a toggle for screen shake!)

I did run into an issue where volume levels weren’t equalized. For example,the main menu’s music was louder than in-game’s music volume and some of the other menus.

Overall, I can definitely sense your passion in this game, it’s a fun time! I might come back to it when I’m looking for a rougelike to grind through! Great job on this!


Thank you so much for your extensive review! It means a lot! :D

I've been thinking a lot about decreasing the game's difficulty (Or at least the difficulty of level 1) I 'm still very much conflicted on this but there will probably be a patch addressing this very soon.

For most people it took around 5-10 hours to complete their first run, which is definitely a lot of time to ask for and since you learn most on the first level it's where you'll be spending most of your time, which can definitely  make the sense of progress diminish. Of course I also do want people to see as much of the game as possible so striking a balance between difficulty and accessibility is a challenge.

Thank you! ^.^

what engine does this game use?

Construct 2 :)


I really like it but damn there are so so many traps like everywhere.

Maybe make this game not extremly punishing when you melee an enemy.

Just released an update that makes the difficulty curve a bit more reasonable. :)

That should make it at least a little less punishing. ^^

(1 edit)

You can get soft-locked by the potion of teleport,

Besides that, the game is awesome, lots of polish. The discord statuses are a nice touch.

Thank you so much! ^.^

Could you elaborate on the soft-locking thing please?

I teleported out of the room i was fighting in (to test the potion lol) but the room i teleported out of seemed to be the only way forward. When i got back to the room, the door which locks u from exiting before killing all the bogies also blocked me from entering.

That's weird, I'll try to fix that with the next update.

Thanks for the insight! ;)

Game won't run on Linux Mint 20 Cinammon :(


Sorry. :(

You can always try the web-release over on Newgrounds;



Just uploaded a new build, you can try again and report back if you like. :)

ah, i must be missing something, i can't find the executable in this build

It's called "nw" on Linux and OSX