In Charging Demise player one (W, A, S, D) has to hold line of sight with player two (Arrow Keys) for a short amount of time to win, while player two tries to avoid direct line of sight for 20 seconds to win. The first person to reach 3 points wins.

Additionally, you can customize parameters like Acceleration and Speed of each character in the Custom Game Menu, to adjust these settings to the players skill levels or just to mess around. There are a total of 5 different levels before the winner is decided on.

This game was made in about 1 week in Construct 2. Asterio helped me with post-processing on the Soundtrack.

As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!


Mild Obstruction (MP3) 3 MB


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This game brings much much fun and is so addictive! Simple mechanism derives lots of micro skills which makes the game worthy replaying (again and again!).

A minor issue: some gaps cannot be passed (may be problem of collision calculation?)

Thanks for the kind words! I'm happy to see you liked it!! :)

I just fixed the hitboxes. It should work now!